The world’s first outdoor exhibition of CryptoArte 3D will be in Florianópolis

Fonte News TV 24 –

Florianópolis is known as the Capital of Innovation and Technology. Therefore, this Saturday (6), on the Continental seafront, the municipality of Santa Catarina receives the first outdoor exhibition of CryptoArte 3D in the world, entitled Breaking The Fourth Wall – A Digital Art Expo, or, in Portuguese, Breaking the Fourth Wall – An Exhibition of Digital Art, in a 350m² megagate.

Digital art in NFT (No Fungible Tokens) is opening up new horizons for artists and gaining more and more appreciators around the world. No Fungible Tokens is a digital asset that has its authenticity proven by blockchain, the same technology used in cryptocurrencies.

And Brazil starts to follow this movement even more closely by inaugurating an open-air digital art exhibition focused on this type of asset. The novelty is being brought to the country through a partnership between the international New York agency Rise New York & Partners and Floripa Square

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